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Discovering the Blog World

What's in a blog?
Typically I am not a blog reader...until literally just two weeks ago {December 2011}. I discovered a couple of amazing blogs about organizing that have totally hooked and inspired me! I am one of those weird people whose eyes light up at The Container Store, and whose heart skips a beat when dreaming of a beautifully organized kitchen pantry. So to me, discovering these blogs was like discovering a great show on TV and having to catch up on 2 or 3 seasons worth of past episodes! Aside from inspiration, what I found while discovering blog world was that I had let my own passion for organizing wither away in the busyness of life and motherhood. These ladies were doing what they loved to do and were great at it, and as I look around my less than tidy house, my aha moment hit me. It's time to reclaim that passion and get organized once and for all {it's amazing what a little blog can do}!

My aha moment turned blog
As if discovering my need to reorganize the entire home wasn't big enough, compound it with preparations for Christmas...gifts to plan, budget, buy, wrap and deliver. My house was spiraling into a cluttery abyss! I needed to start my game plan, but how and when do I start? I had already been making big plans to rearrange the house turning our upstairs loft into a playroom for our son, so I decided to make 2012 the year. The timing was perfect; draw out the blueprints for it all now and be ready to attack come the new year. Things were coming along nicely; I had identified the problem {cluttered house} and established a solution {organize one space at a time}, but I needed something to keep me accountable. With that in mind, I went about my merry way dreaming of a tidy 2012 in the midst of the holiday season. As my wheels began spinning, suddenly it occurred to me...blog about it! Blogging would be a great way to document my journey from somewhat organized to beautifully organized and keep me accountable to follow through with all my projects. The thought if this got me so excited, I went through the entire house taking before shots {no kidding}!

Using our gifts
Thinking about blogging is kind of a scary proposition, especially after seeing some of the work these ladies were putting in.  I didn't want my blog to be just about organizing because my passions encompass more than that.  They include {but are not limited to} technology and integrating it into our real lives, taking ordinary to extraordinary, and inspiring others to become better!  This is where the title of my blog was born.  One of my favorite scriptures encourages us to use the gifts we have been given to serve others and I hope that this blog helps you as much as it helps me.  My way of gifting it forward, if you will!  In each new blog that I came across, it was apparent that these ladies were truly gifted in what they did. I like to think of myself as organized in my own right, but these blogs were blowing my mind! It made me think about how they were using their gifts. I am not a crafty girl by any stretch of the imagination, but these girls made me actually want to be crafty! That's a gift! I want to bring that same gift to you through this blog. Not only is this my way of keeping myself in check about caring for my home and serving my family, but I want it to inspire others like me who are stuck in their cluttered rut to see, we can get back to a place of order with some inspiration, encouragement and a bit of elbow grease. GIFT!

Starting the journey together
So that is the where we find ourselves today. As the new year approaches, there are many goals I have for the house, but that's another story for another time. I appreciate you taking this journey with me and I hope that together we can take our homes and lives from cluttered to clean.

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